Bridging Loan in Tottenham

Bridging Loan in Tottenham

If you are in need of a bridging loan, please make sure to speak to our team today and we will offer you the very best rates.

Bridging Loan Companies in Tottenham

Bridging Loan Companies in Tottenham

There are a number of bridging loan companies in the UK and we are here to compare the loans and find you the best deals.

Commercial Bridging Loans in Tottenham

Commercial Bridging Loans in Tottenham

There are a range of commercial bridging loans out there and it can be confusing to choose which one is right for you. Speak to us today and we will lend a hand.

Bridging Loan in Tottenham

Many people search for a bridging loan in Tottenham N17 6 as a way to help their business grow. Some people may not even know what a bridge loan is.

For many people running businesses and self-employed ventures in the UK today – and for those looking to buy property or move home - it is becoming more and more commonplace that financing such as certain loans and credit options are being sought. 


Bridging loan options are amongst the most popular with fledgling start-ups, home movers and established companies alike, mainly because they offer a brilliant amount of flexibility and support to those companies in need of short term financial assistance. 

We will help you to find the best bridging loan opportunities for you in your local area – as your nearby expert in a wealth of commercial finance ( and mortgaging concerns, our team are ready and waiting to help support you in finding that perfect loan for that short gap between getting credit and paying for certain services. 

Setting up a business is never as easy as it may seem – and sometimes, you are going to need a little extra help in getting started.  For homeowners and investors, too, bridging finance is especially recommended – especially if you have a number of assets and are looking for a straightforward, hassle-free loan.

Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is essentially set up to help people bridge the gap between selling their home and purchasing a new property – though it can also be tailored to commercial needs and ends, too.

Talk with our team if you feel this may apply to you – as we are always happy to help private and commercial customers in our region and the surrounding areas. 

So, what is good about these bridge loans?

  • Only over a short term period
  • Can help improve your credit profile
  • Helps you purchase a property quickly
  • Bridging finance can be secured quickly 

Bridging loan options will effectively allow you to purchase a property or premises with immediate effect without having all of the available credit available – though you will be expected to pay the money back which you access at a certain level of interest. 

This type of loan can generally be recommended for property developers and those who are looking to make money from selling and buying – with rates leading up to around 18% annually.

Bridging Loan Companies

Bridging loan companies and bridging loan lenders in Tottenham N17 6 are nearby experts for many commercial and private investors – this type of financing is recommended for people who are in need of a considerable amount of money for a short term, or to bridge a gap (hence the name). 

Speak to our experts today for a quote


This type of loan may not apply to all circumstances, therefore, it is always worth consulting our experts to take a closer look at your needs before you make any firm decisions. 

Bridging loans are a great way for you to make that leap up the property ladder with a fair amount of money behind you – though you must also remember that you will need to have a strategy in place for paying such money off in the short term. 

We will help you to consider all of the most important points before you sign on the dotted line!

Bridging Loans

We compare loans with a number of different providers and, as such, we can always recommend shopping around. 

While it’s been advised that the general rate of interest you can expect to pay on this type of loan per year may reach up to around 18%, this may well vary – as there are a number of benefits and other factors you will need to take into account as well as variable rates and expectations. 

"The help and support received from was impressive and made comparing bridging loans so much easier!"

We advise all applicants, commercial and private, to consider their circumstances and their ability to repay very carefully – we will, of course, help you to take your credit file into account when comparing and applying for any kind of finance. 

As such, you can count on us to always keep your best interests at heart.

Commercial Bridging Loans

Commercial bridging loans in Tottenham N17 6 are a great way for you to effectively move from one premises to another without having to wait for a sale to go through on your existing property. 

They are also a great way for you to start moving ahead in investment and property development, as you will effectively be free to start managing the more advanced areas of your portfolio while you put down a confirmed amount of money for the premises you are bidding for. 

For commercial and private ends, bridging loan options are recommended for a wide variety of reasons.

Bridging Loan Calculator

Use our brilliant bridging loan calculator to work out whether or not this type of loan is convenient and practical for you – after all, this type of finance should never be treated like a traditional loan or borrowing solution. 

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Things you need to factor into this type of finance include your ability to repay, your existing assets and your credit score.  You may be required, in some circumstances, to advise on certain assets in order to secure a loan amount – and we will always advise you in advance if this is ever going to be the case.  Use our calculator and you will never be in the dark!

Bridging Loan Rates in Tottenham

Bridging loan rates will vary from firm to firm and it is therefore a great idea to use a comparison engine such as ours to get access to the best deals for your particular needs.  Unsure whether or not you’ll be able to pay within a certain time frame? 

Let us know your current financial profile and our calculator to work out whether or not bridging finance is right for you – we will never allow you to sign up for a loan which you will be unable to pay for.  It’s our job to make sure you have access to loan experts near me when financing your investments and/or commercial ventures!

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Bridging Loan Comparison

We are a bridging loan comparison firm with a view on hundreds of different financing brands and the best rates in UK borrowing right now – take advantage of our calculator, our search engine and friendly staff to find yourself a bridging loan option that works for you. 

We can also offer help with 2nd charge mortgages so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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